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Assignment & Projects

NB: All assignments and projects are listed below

Project 1

Biology Research Paper: ‘The Effects of Human Activity on our Environment’

Choose an ecosystem in Grenada that has been negatively impacted by human activity. Write an article of maximum 500 words, highlighting the following:

  1. Examine the effects of human activity on this ecosystem.
  2. Discuss the previous benefits of this ecosystem to the livelihood of its community and to the economy.
  3. Discuss the loss incurred as a result of negative human interactions with this ecosystem.
  4. What measures (if any) are being taken to restore this ecosystem?
  5. Consider the acronym MAPS (Marine Protected Areas) and find out if your selected ecosystem is on this list and, what contributions are being made towards the conservation of your ecosystem.

Resources: Increased predators in wetlands threaten migratory birds | NOW Grenada

Marine Protected Areas for Grenada – Caribbean Sailing Lessons (ltdsailing.com)

Microsoft Word – System Plan Part1 Intro_Background (oas.org)

Due: Tuesday May 11th, 2021

Lab Write Up

Title: Diffusion Lab

Instructions: Write your lab on diffusion in a notebook dedicated for labs only.

Due: Tuesday May 11th, 2021